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Test the KassenSichV solution of the Austrian market leader now!

On 1 January 2020, the cash register regulation "Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV)" has come into effect. Cash registers in Germany must now be equipped with a certified technical security system (TSE) for protection against manipulation – an overview of the new regulation can be found here. At the beginning of November 2019, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has issued a so-called "Non-Compliance Regulation". The implementation of the TSEs shall take place as soon as possible - however, there will be no imposition of sanctions until 30 September 2020.
Implement the new regulation in a timely and stress-free manner and put it into effect with the interface of the Austrian market leader A-Trust now!

A-Trust Germany is a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian A-Trust GmbH.
Since 2017 A-Trust was able to successfully implement the Austrian cash register security regulation RKSV for more than 1,600 cash register partners, of which there are already hundreds of partners in Germany. Our lead in know-how and development makes the timely implementation of the cash register regulation KassenSichV very easy.

With us you implement the cash register regulation "KassenSichV" very easily, but above all, the implementation will be legally compliant. Our solutions are already undergoing the certification process at the BSI, the Federal Office for Information Security. Our certification number is BSI-DSZ-CC-1140, you can find our listing on the BSI-Homepage. We will gladly inform you of the completion of the same through our newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter now: https://www.a-trust-tse.de/newsletter/. For more information on the necessary legal provisions, see the technical guidelines BSI TR-03153 (v1.0.1), BSI TR-03153-TS (v1.0.1), BSI TR-03151 (v1.0.1).
A-Trust is also an official DFKA member, German Association for cash and cashless payment transactions and maintains a frequent exchange of information with the BSI - Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Security).


At a Glance

Why choose A-Trust as TSE for the cash register regulation KassenSichV?

There are numerous reasons: 

  • Secure and proven all-in-one solution: A-Trust is the market leader in Austria when it comes to the implementation of the cash register security regulation RKSV.
  • 100% compliant to the cash register regulation "KassenSichV"
  • Carefree package:  We offer offline solutions and middleware for a simple management
  • Universal: Our API supports C/C++, Java, Net, COM, VB6 to Cobol...IOS, Android, Microsoft Derivate and much more!
  • Open source architecture: Compatibility and simple integration - what we don't support, you are able to adapt easily by yourself
  • We are already offering now complete packages, solid price models and sample codes
  • A sophisticated, excellent product for your customers, attractive margins for yourself and more satisfied customers for us.

For further information and specific inquiries, please contact vertrieb@a-trust-tse.de

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Attractive Pricing

We gladly pass on our experience and our lead in know-how to our existing and future partners in the form of very attractive price models. For further information on our prices, please register here as cash register partner of A-Trust.



Carefree Package

A-Trust offers you a carefree package depending on your needs. We offer KassenSichV solutions in the following version:

Offline: Bundesdruckerei D-Trust GmbH TSE (available form factors: µSD & USB)

Please register here for detailed information and prices. Then you can register with your access data in the partner area.


As a bonus, you can offer all customers free access to their personal A-Trust e-Tresor, the personal electronic data safe. All relevant data can be stored there, available at all times and from everywhere, to enable you an optimal summary of your transactions. A separate function is provided in the e-Tresor, your e-safe, especially for storing the exported KassenSichV receipt data: The CSV/TAR data exported by the cash register is secured via an API (REST Service) and can be viewed and exported at any time via the web interface of the e-Tresor (or via API). The e-Tresor can also be used as universal personal data storage. Up to 2 GB of confidential data can be stored, e.g. identity cards, registration forms, copy of the passport or other various documents. More information can be found shortly in the partner area, as soon as the interface and its description are available.

API & Middleware

You are in good hands with us: We support you from the first step up to the last detail! You name your requirements we will find the solution! Our API is universal and supports for instance C/C++, Java; .Net, COM, as well as older programming languages like VB6 or Cobol, IOS, Android and Microsoft Derivate, which are supported as well.

Test our API with the Android App!
The A-Trust KassenSichV Demo App is now available in the Google Play Store and is also available as source code in the A-Trust partner area. Have fun with the implementing. iOS is coming soon!

Easy handling - A-Trust Middleware
We provide our partners an EXE and COM Objekt (Component Object Model), and even a.sign TSE LAN and a.sign TSE are finalized. More information can be found in the partner area!